Nuggets: The Blueprint (Gene On Earth Masterclass)

Gene On Earth takes you inside his studio to show you just how he creates those famous nuggets from his Limousine Dream label year after year. Throughout over 5 and a half hours of top-level music production, he shows you everything from  digging tips to his workflow with samples and soft synths, plus a variety of tricks to get the perfect arrangement.

This is a comprehensive course using Ableton that covers every facet of Gene's music-making process. In it you will learn:
  • How he finishes every track he start.
  • His techniques for making music that is dynamic instead of static
  • How to get from a blank screen to a sweet loop quickly
  • His digging process and how it's completely connected to his music making process
  • All of the technical and musical techniques he uses
  • His methods for success inside and outside the studio.

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Feedback so far:

Justin Jay: "It's been absolutely incredible! Everything I saw resonates with me quite deeply. The proper Discogs tutorial was an unexpected gamechanger and your emphasis on building personal taste through the "used" section versus the "new" section is something that I never thought about conscientiously, but is immensely powerful. Everything I saw that was more hands on within Ableton was super easy to follow and I love how you used the "Index" to help bridge the gap for people who need additional support, very cool approach.

I'm learning so much and have nothing to say but amazing things! I know it will be a game changer for a lot of up and coming producers."

Liam: "Yoo Gene :) Just wanted to say thanks so much for sharing your process. Most courses these days are very much a blueprint to copying an artists sound, and the lessons you learn from that kind of course don’t stay with you for long. Whereas this is just a blueprint for producing music with a crazy high level of creativity. Everything is designed to inspire/ spark your own way of doing things. And in a way that is also so simple.

I dove straight into a track after watching only your drums & synths modules and wrote my favourite tune to date within a few hours haha! Just did the sampling & digging modules and it’s the same again today, straight onto Ableton with a huge bag of ideas on what I want to do. I was super worried the course was just going to taint your sound a little and create a tonne of mini-Genes; but all it’s going to do is create a group of extremely exciting producers making super unique, fun / slamming music which is just unreal. Bravo!"

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